Upgrade Drupal website

Are You a business or professional blogger seeking the help for installing latest version of drupal CMS ? as a security measure?. You have been directed to the right place here. Contact now.

Either You are moving a website from development server to production server or upgrading from a lower version to higher version of Drupal there are certain procedures to be followed. Every migrated website may or may not throw errors. Errors can be from database or an upgraded core module or from the new version of contributed module or from an incompatible version of existing module. Clearing the errors makes the migration successful. But how can I recover the files from an WSOD or bulk error-prone database.

People with intermediate drupal knowledge may suffer at some stage during migration of drupal to a new version because of undiscovered error causes. Might be a self made trial with curious mind and little confidence for upgrading their own portal. Finally they approach drupal experts for help to recover and restore their current web portal powered by drupal CMS.

Everything done are fine. Annoyed @ screen errors. Contact us now for clearing such error instances.

What version of drupal do You have?

  1. drupal 6, 6x
  2. drupal 7, 7x or 8
  3. We can upgrade your existing drupal website along with module up-gradation within the specified time as required by You. After upgrading to a new version the theme will be switched back to default theme. If You need a similar theme as the existed one before up-gradation we can design you the new theme with any number of templates required.

Successful Migration Service

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