Trade show Banner Designs

Professional, Large-format Graphic Designs for Trade Show Exhibits. Let your trade show graphics help you reach out and grab attendees off the show floor. Graphics are hugely important at events as they communicate your marketing message before your target prospects even get a chance to speak with your booth staff.

I take care of your business presentation design, so you can focus on bigger things. Because PowerPoint is all we do. Your presentation will be ready on time, and look as professional as you do. We quickly diagnose your content and find ways to make it clearer and more impact. Because we specialize in slide design, I know what works and what doesn’t — so your message is easier to explain, and your presentation gets results.

Design for Large-Format Trade Show Graphics

Large-format trade show graphic design takes some know-how. What works for small brochures might not work well for grand trade show exhibit graphics. Our experienced graphic designers know how to translate your design into effective large-format trade show graphics, making the most of your marketing messages and keeping in line with your company’s brand and image.

A professionally-trained graphic designer who take your marketing message, logo and company colors and create large-format display graphics for your trade show booth.

A simple design process begins after your order is placed. After your order is place, we send you a design request form. Once we receive the request form and assets, as a graphic designer I will look over your request and supplied art and let you know how much time it will take to complete your request. The more details you want us to provide, usually results in more time needed to complete your request..