Resume Designs, CV Templates

Resumes are designed with professional effort and are aware of all the powerful keywords, used to achieve maximum visibility on job portals. Your skills are represented in a graphical manner.

We create visual resumes understanding how recruiters pick profiles and what makes their resume appealing to them?

Pricing: Our pricing structure varies based on the delivery timeline that you choose based on your convenience and not your years of experience. Our basic pricing starts at Rs.2000/-

What do we charge for a Search Engine Promotion Service

Our SEO services start from Rs.5, 000 per month with a defined set of keywords. We do not provide cheap SEO (Search Engine Promotion) packages. We are SEO freelancers at service (from India) offering quality SEO Solutions which deliver results.

Steps we take for getting more people to visit your site with our SEO (Search Engine Position) Pack

  1. Enhanced visibility
  2. Career graph that showcases your growth
  3. Customized content that creates a brand
  4. Powerful industry specific keywords
  5. Content-oriented yet visually appealing
  6. Elevates your profile as an achiever
  7. Globally accepted formats
  8. Country specific cosmetic look

What Our resume templates can do for you in specific

@ // We take the time to evaluate your existing resume and design it into a job-winning resume. • Your skills are represented in a graphical manner. • We ensure Zero grammatical and spelling errors. • We are online 24/7 to support you. • We provide original exclusive premium content and design work. • We provide unlimited revisions. Your satisfaction is important to us. • We do not use your resume as a sample profile unless you are ok with it.

How can you get Your Resume / CV designed from us

  1. Mail us your resume for an evaluation.
  2. We will call you for a discussion to understand your plans.
  3. We will mail you the best price for the service chosen.
  4. Receive your 1st draft and give us a feedback.
  5. We will revert with the edited file.
  6. Review and confirm the final draft.
  7. Receive the final draft of your resume in 4 formats. PPTX for future updates, Print ready PDF, Compressed PDF for job portals & DOC for recruiters and consultants.