Drupal Spinning Wheel Menu Module

Spinwheel Module Development

Here comes the new Drupal 7 Module - "Spinning wheel menu" built with raphaelJS library. A day I googled for wheel type rotating navigation menu. I searched with set of keywords like circle menu, spiral menu, rotating circular menu, wheel menu, spin menu, spinning wheel menu by appending or prepending the word ''jquery'' in the search. I ended my search with Raphael JS and started working with it. Also found a JS library, " WheelnavJS " - which is perfect for my wheel menu requirements.

Spinwheel Menu

Finally a Wheel menu module is built and is as configurable as WheelmenuJS. With this module You can upload your own icon (a png image) as your icon. Add a drupal Path to link to the page of your website. Admin Configuration page for adding new menu with icons and links. Options are there to set width, radius and height and can be configured. Find the Spinning Wheelmenu Configuration parameters below

Currently Being developed (You can watch the live action here). Soon available for download from drupal.org's module contribution page.

JS Libraries Used

Raphael JS.

Spinwheel Module Development

For more detail about Spinning wheel menu module please go to this page. (Link).

Drupal Spinwheel in Action

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