Drupal Malware, Site Down or Hacked?. Ask our Support

Drupal Website Hacked ????

Is Your Drupal website down or hacked? Google blacklists websites with malicious code and warns users before redirecting to Your website. Also Your website will be blacklisted by other antivirus or domain record websites too.

Need a Rollback of Your Drupal website. We can help You?

For Drupal Malicious Code Removal

What can we help You with ?


In my experience I have seen more malware problems in drupal installations due to insecure systems. Most of the sites are infected with malware by PHP code injection at drupal headers. Every or some of the files at the host will be injected with malware codes. I can easily clean an infected drupal website and bring Your site back live after clean malware removal.

PHP error

This error occurs when there are errors in php files during the update of a module or drupal core code update. Due to this error there may be a paragraph visible on pages or a page with red warning messages (error messages).

Sometimes this wont be a easy job for developers. I have experienced such great errors during development and it took me time to restore website to normal. You can ask my help to clear such errors.


Its not seen at the very first clean installation. It occurs occasionally or after installing some new modules. When site user or developer navigate to a page the page content disappears, and it becomes blank showing only a blank white page. This completely blank is commonly referred to as a White Screen of Death (WSOD).

When You look at the screen there will be "No content. No errors. Nothing". This error happens sometimes with drupal. It could happen after updating a module, theme, or Drupal core code. There are several reasons for this to occur and also there are several possible solutions to this issue. You could have tried Yourself and may have spend Your Precious hours to solve this Problem Leave it to us, we can solve this for you by paying a small cost.

Version Updates

People even think which version of Drupal should they use? Drupal is a far better platform to develop on. However, there are so many websites already done on 6 and some on drupal 7 version, at much lower cost. I have done 2 D8 sites so far, and over 20 D6 and D7. Its even faster for going to D8. If You need a Drupal 8 website You can mail me a message asking for help.

What do we charge for a Maintenance / Support Service

Our Drupal Support services are at affordable rates and we are low cost service providers. Drupal freelancer at service (from India) offering quality DRUPAL 6,7, 8 Maintenance Solutions which deliver results.

Steps involved In Restoring Back / Error Removing of Your Website

  1. Receives Request From You Thru Our Online Form
  2. Dicuss over Skype / Other Messaging Apps.
  3. Project Starts
  4. Analysis of Problem Causing Factor
  5. Estimating Time to Complete the project
  6. Offline Work Starts for Clearing errors and Purifying System
  7. Deployment / Moving fresh files to live server
  8. Inspection, Review and Approval from Your side

Rates are negotiable and can be customized as per the services required.

Reports showing the progress in position are send during the project execution phase which can be shared between members or downloaded as pdf formats.

Malware on Drupal website - Ask for my Help. Send Your Request Here .

Once your website is attacked You should clean it as soon as possible and follow precaution steps and make sure that you'ven't been blacklisted. Once You are sure that your drupal website have been hacked you should stop everything and make a forensic copy of it.

You can restore yourself If You have a recent backup. You can rebuild your website if you know the specific date that your site was hacked, you may be able to rebuild the site easily simply by using an older database and file backup.

If your site had users and you believe your site was completely taken over then private content like their email address, IP address and anything else private on the site is compromised. In such a situations inform Your users about this.

Take Your site offline

Once You suspect of malware injection to Your drupal website then taking it offline and installing a fresh code will at least prevent further damage. Sometimes the situations are critical. You could always ask for help here.