Drupal Choropleth maps, Interactive Mapping

Choropleth Maps and Data Visualization in Drupal : Contributed Drupal Modules by drupal community and the other Possibilities with Jquery / Javascripts that can be converted and brought into Drupal.

For Choropleth Maps & Data Visualizations

Choropleth Mapping Libraries

Choropleth Maps are svg fills/paths represented by shaded areas or patterned and fragmented in proportion to the measurement of the statistics associated with the datasource.

More than 50 Data-Map visualization and charting libraries available for free and paid use.

Drupal Modules

A mapping web application or a widget/block with Drupal specifically tells your users about the story of your data.

Why Drupal

Drupal maps are responsive, flexible, and robust. Drupal being one of the earliest content management systems easily integrates with external mapping services and supports map with large amounts of data. The great strength of Drupal is its relative simplicity, rich community support and its power to interact with content on your site and outside data sources using service modules (drupal services, feeds modules).

You can visualize any of your content in Drupal into a interactive map without writing any code, interacts just by adding Drupal modules that provide geographic fields. With the help of some required modules, you can create maps that allow your users to find geographically relevant information.

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List Of Drupal Modules for Choropleth Maps with data Visualization

Some of the above mentioned modules uses Address or Location Modules with Geofield module for latitude and longitude data.

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