After effects render control file not found from watch folder !!

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Working on a project in After Effects. While rendering movie some error occurred and after effects had crashed?. When restarted After Effects and tried opening the project file, the worked file was not opening.Go to File> watch Folder. My project folder was already set to watch folder. After effects (AE) watch folder did search and displayed the message "no render control file found for "projectname.aep"

How to solve this

Create a new text file named as "your_project_name"_RCF.txt and save it in the watch folder of AE. Type or paste the below text in your "your_project_name"_RCF.txt file.

After Effects 8.0v1 Render Control File

Now do a search with AE watch folder. Then open Your project file from After Effects File>Open Project. THis time Your file loads and you can work on your project happily.