Adsense: resource not found: error 400(OK)

Adsense : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400?. Strange problems with some Adsense adblocks on Your website ??? Have placed 3 Adsense blocks per page as per Adsense Policy. But When I visit one of my webiste page, there are always 2 blocks loaded, and the third stays empty, or 2 stays empty.. WHY?

Reasons May be

It can be:

At first Go to Your Adsense Account and know the status of your Adsense account and check whether it been approved to show ads on a website.

People have reported that this Adsense 404 status problem only occurs in Chrome, in Firefox and IE all three blocks are loaded as they should. The strange thing is, that if page is refreshed, all 3 ads are loaded properly. When navigated directly to the link of one of the content pages, all ads are also loaded properly. The problem also occurs when you are navigating to a content page trough Your site's menu.

Try replacing all Your responsive ads with 'normal' ads also would fix the problem. But Not always!! . Try removing unnecessary 'adsbygoogle.js' references.